SU Board of Supervisors upholds termination of Dr. Dumas

Brandon Dumas and attorney, Travis Turner (Source: WAFB)
Brandon Dumas and attorney, Travis Turner (Source: WAFB)
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - At a meeting Friday, the Southern University Board of Supervisors decided to uphold the termination of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Brandon Dumas.

Southern University released the following statement on Dumas on July 20:

Dr. Brandon Dumas was given a termination notice with an effective date of August 10, 2017. He remains on leave until that time. Dr. Dumas has requested to appeal the notice with the SU Board of Supervisors. The appeal request will be considered at the Board of Supervisors meeting on July 21, 2017. The University has no further comments on this personnel matter.

Dumas arrived at the meeting in seemingly a good mood, even smiling and laughing at times despite the inevitable hearing that would determine whether he would be reinstated as the head of Student Affairs.

After the vote, there was a clear shift as he made his way around the room thanking the board members who voted in his favor. Once the meeting concluded, school officials still would not confirm why Dumas was fired or if the decision had anything to do with their investigation into a leaked video that allegedly involved a University employee and a student.

The only bit of information that was discussed at the start of the hearing was that during the course of the investigation, the woman who appeared in the video was interviewed. School officials said that the woman claimed during the interview that the person in the video with her was not a university employee.

In order to not violate privacy laws, the rest of Dumas's testimony happened behind closed doors in executive session with his attorneys and board members. Whatever was said; however, was ultimately not enough to sway the majority of those board members to grant an appeal to his termination.

"The president felt that he needed to make a change in his cabinet and we as a board decided to support his decision," said Board chair Ann Smith.

WAFB's Scottie Hunter asked Smith about the vote, asking if she was surprised in the outcome, which came down to the wire after a marathon of a meeting.

"Again, no comment," Smith said.

While the decision is final, the university still is not releasing much else and it seems what whatever the reason for now the school is just unwilling to discuss.

School leaders last month, did acknowledge a sex tape had been leaked allegedly involving an employee and a student, but to this day, they have never publicly identified either of the people seen in the video and WAFB has been unable to confirm their identities as well. The same week that news came of the tape being leaked, the university suspended Dumas.

Dumas was placed on leave following the leak. In a statement, the school said it was pending a complete review of the procedures of Student Affairs. Thursday, SU made public their decision to fire him effective August 10, but has yet to say whether his termination was a result of the video or its investigation. Not long after the video surfaced, the school learned it was placed on warning by its accrediting agency, SACS-COC. According to the university website, Dumas serves on the school's SACS reaffirmation committee.


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