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Hundreds sign petition against Hudson Cove development in Galvez

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Ascension Parish homeowners packed a meeting Thursday night to voice their opposition over a planned subdivision along Hwy. 42 in Galvez.

Dwayne Simpson, who lives on 5 acres of land next to the proposed site says it's the kind of neighborhood where everyone knows one another and is quick to help. He says it was no different when the August 2016 flood hit.

Simpson says his house did not flood, but with 4 feet of water outside, it came close. It's why he and his neighbors are suddenly concerned about a section of vacant land next door. It's being considered for a new 32-lot subdivision called Hudson Cove. Simpson and his neighbors are worried the new development will make matters worse for them when it rains.

“It will push water here. This land is connected to Muddy Creek and Bayou Manchac, and when the water comes up, that pushes all that here,” said Simpson.

Samantha Shinn's backyard backs up to the proposed site. “I know that's a flood zone. It holds water and it's nerve-racking to know they want to build houses in there now,” said Shinn.

She says after seeing how high the water got during the historic flood, she is on edge about any plans to build there. “Everything works out on paper, so it must work, right? No. That's not how it is. It's life, and Mother Nature is going to go where she wants,” said Shinn.

Simpson and Shinn are two of nearly 600 people who have signed an online petition to stop the Hudson Cove development. They say they plan to present the petition and their arguments to the parish council.

“I am not against development, and I'm not against us growing. What I am against is development without responsibility,” said Simpson.

The Ascension Parish Council denied the appeal from the developers of the proposed neighborhood, meaning the neighborhood will not be built any time soon. Developers are considering whether or not to file a lawsuit over this and would have to submit a new proposal in order to move the project forward.

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