Processing glitch could delay TOPS funding for some students


LOSFA representatives want to assure students and parents the problem does not affect funding but rather an internal processing issue.

A spokeswoman released the following statement on Wednesday.

"The Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA), a program under the Board of Regents, and the Louisiana Department of Education are working in tandem to correct a programming glitch that is causing a delay in the processing of TOPS initial eligibility for some 2017 high school graduates.

While this issue is affecting a relatively small number of TOPS recipients, we understand that it is causing a great deal of concern for the students and families affected. Our message to them is, "Don't Panic."

There is no shortage of funding…this issue has nothing to do with funding. If the student is eligible for TOPS, they will receive the full amount of funding for which they qualify.

The problem has been identified and the process of correcting it is underway."

LOSFA representatives tell 9 News they expect the problem to be fixed within the coming week.


Several LSU students could be slapped with a higher than expected bill for the upcoming semester if a glitch in the distribution process for TOPS funding does not get sorted out.

A letter from LSU, sent to roughly 400 students, reveals that not every student has been cleared for TOPS yet for the fall 2017 semester. Officials with the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) say for now, money will not be available when fee bills are released to students on Wednesday.

Representatives with LOSFA said they are doing everything they can to address the problem.

A LOSFA spokeswoman released the following statement.

We are aware of the issue and are working with the Department of Education to move quickly to a resolution. Once the issue is resolved, TOPS awards will be processed and LSU will update bills for the 400 impacted students.

Not every LSU student received a letter, but for those who did, officials are encouraging them not to panic. Student and parents who may have questions are encouraged to contact LOSFA directly at 225-219-1012.

LSU enrollment management spokeswoman, Ashley- Berthelot Arceneaux, said the problem is more widespread than just students at LSU; however, LSU is the only school she knows of that proactively reached out to students in response to the issue.

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