Grand jury indicts man on murder charge in beating at party that resulted in victim's death months later

EAST FELICIANA PARISH, LA (WAFB) - The person believed to be responsible for beating a man at a party that eventually resulted in his death has been indicted on a murder charge.

Tory Neely, 24, was indicted by an East Feliciana Parish grand jury on a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Doug O'Quinn, 59.

Officials said O'Quinn was beat up and punched by Neely at a party in December. He was hospitalized and died from his injuries on June 26.

East Feliciana District Attorney Samuel D'Aquilla said Neely was originally indicted on a second degree battery charge back in March, but when O'Quinn died as a result from injuries he sustained during the fight, charges were upgraded to second degree murder.

D'Aquilla said the fist fight happen at a party at Neely's house, around his shop area. He also said Neely's defense team made an allegation O'Quinn pulled a knife on Neely first, but they did not have any other reports or evidence proving that.

"Instead of self defense, it turned into a murder," D'Aquilla said.

According to D'Aquilla, Neely appears to have hit O'Quinn one time, although there were signs he may have fell and hit his head on the tailgate of a truck.

"In all actually it looks like [O'Quinn] was punched by Mr. Neely one time," D'Aquilla says, "When he was punched that night, lost consciousness for a few minutes, went to the hospital..." He also says O'Quin endured physical therapy and other parts of the hospital until June 26, when he died from his injuries.

A conviction on second-degree murder in Louisiana carries a mandatory life sentence.

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