Owners of Co-op Bookstore near LSU decide to sell and retire

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The future of an 84-year-old family-run bookstore is up in the air.

The owners of the Co-op Bookstore on Burbank Dr. near LSU announced they will sell the shop and retire. The store was founded in 1933 by William Prescott, and is currently owned by his sons, Bob and Billy Prescott. It sells books, along with art supplies and LSU clothing.

Bob Prescott declined an interview at this time, but did tell WAFB that declining book sales was a factor in the decision.

Loyal customers say they've noticed the trend. "Now that you can get 'em on the internet, e-books, cheap online," said Katie Jungeblut, an archaeologist that goes to the store monthly. "The unique things they carry just don't appeal to people anymore, which is such a big shame."

"It's terrible, because there's really not another place that has stuff like this," said long time customer, Jami Donley. "The people are really knowledgeable and it's not like going to a big chain craft store where they don't know what they have or how you use it. They really know what to do here."

Prescott says it's possible the property could remain a bookstore after it's sold, but that decision will be up to the new owners.

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