Denham Springs family says drainage still an issue

Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - A family home on Pinoak Street in Denham Springs almost flooded, again Saturday afternoon.

"Every time there's a really hard rain, this road is impassable, pretty much, by a small car," said Brandi Hutchinson.

Hutchinson said the constant short bursts of heavy rain might be more manageable if the majority of the street's drains, marked with an "X," weren't clogged.

Unsure what might be backing the drains up, Hutchinson said each time rain passes through their neighborhood, they take on several feet in minutes.

"If I would've backed out the driveway yesterday, my car would've stalled and I wouldn't have been able to move," said Hutchinson.

For weeks, she claims, she and her father, Frank Webber, have been asking the city of Denham Springs for help.

"Everybody in this neighborhood has been rebuilding, and we're just now getting back to some sort of normalcy," said Hutchinson.

Besides city workers marking the clogged drains, the family said they can't tell that any progress has been made.

"I'm frustrated and I'm scared because I don't want to flood again. I don't want to have to go through that again, and have to rebuild everything again because of drainage problems," said Hutchinson.

"It used to drain off. Now it's not draining off. The roads are not draining off, so we have a problem," said Webber, who also lives on Pinoak Street.

The family said they understand the city is still bouncing back from the August flood, but right now they're worried about a repeat.

"It's going to flood again," Webber said. "We're still repairing houses. I mean, we're scared and something needs to be done. I mean, it needs to be clean."

Denham Springs Mayor Gerard Landry said while he's aware of the problem and is attempting to address every drainage issue in the city, he will make sure to check on this area.

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