Man arrested for attempted second degree murder after heroin overdose incident at LSU

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A man has been arrested for attempted second degree murder after another man was found in the bathroom of LSU Digital Media Center with symptoms of a heroin overdose.

Police have in custody Joshua Brian, 33, of Greenwell Springs on charges of attempted second degree murder and other felony drug charges.

On July 14, officers with LSU Police Department received a call in reference to a 25-year-old man who was found unresponsive in the men's bathroom at the LSU Digital Media Center.

According to police, when Emergency Medical Services and officers arrived, they saw the man in the last stall unresponsive with a syringe stuck in his arm. They say there was a spoon and a lighter in the stall as well.

EMS officials informed officers the victim was not breathing and in an attempt to resuscitate him, they gave him a dose of Narcan, an opiate antidote, and he began responding and breathing. He was later taken to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital for more treatment.

LSU Criminal Investigations Division detectives interviewed the victim who told them he met a white man, who he believed was named "John," at the Digital Media Center.

The man he referred to a "John" was Joshua Brian.

The victim told police during the meeting, he was given an unknown amount of heroin by Brian, free of charge.

Detectives reviewed surveillance footage which showed a slim build white male with long hair, enter the Media Center and head towards the area of the restrooms.

The probable cause report says:

Approximately, ten (10) minutes later the white male suspect is seen coming from the restroom area in a frantic state. The suspect appears to have a lost sense of direction, the suspect goes outside and then re-entered back later and rushes up the stairwell in the direction of the building used by EA Sports employees.

According to LSUPD, detectives captured screenshots from the surveillance footage and contacted the EA Sports staff at the Digital Media Center.

Authorities say they showed the staff the picture of Brian, who they identified as an employee of EA Sports. They say Brian was not working at the time.

The victim was able to identify Brian through a photographic line-up.

After identifying Brian, the victim told police he met Brian at the Digital Media Center, they both went in the bathroom to do heroin, and Brian was in the stall next to him.

He says after taking the heroin he only remembers waking up on the floor with EMS treating him.

According to the probable cause report, Brian did not notify staff or emergency responders of the situation, nor did he make an attempt to help the victim before someone noticed him. It is also believed Brian made no attempt to aid the victim due to the door of the stall being closed.

Brian was subsequently charged with attempted second degree murder, possession of a schedule II drug, and possession of a legend drug.

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