Weekend weather: Plan for more rain with possibility of severe storms

Weekend weather: Plan for more rain with possibility of severe storms

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's just more of the same for our forecast through the weekend and into next week. Plan for mostly -- but not entirely -- dry mornings followed by scattered-to-numerous showers and storms during the afternoon. And the way things look right now, that's not just going to be the pattern for the weekend but will also continue through the better part of next week.

A west-bound tropical wave -- the remnants of last week's T.D. #4 -- will be crossing the Gulf over the weekend, adding a little extra lift to the region's already moist-and-unstable atmosphere.

Locally-heavy downpours and a few stronger t-storms with pockets of hail can be expected in spots over the weekend: not much different from the pattern we've seen the past few days. And while we can't rule out one or two "severe" storms on Saturday and/or Sunday, we won't have to deal with a widespread severe weather outbreak on either day.

We are posting afternoon rain chances at 60% to 70% for the weekend and keeping them at 60% for Monday and Tuesday. Don't expect any significant changes in our daily temperature regime either: it's low to mid 70°s each morning and upper 80°s to low 90°s for every afternoon right through the next seven days.

Heading into the latter part of next week and the following weekend, there is some glimmer of hope we could see at least a decrease in the afternoon rain coverage, especially by next Saturday and Sunday. Don't hold your breath, however, because confidence in "drier" weather for next weekend is not all that high.

At least the tropics are cooperating: no significant waves or systems with development potential for the next 5 days or more.

So enjoy the weekend… Just keep the eyes on the skies in the afternoons.

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