Reggie's to implement security changes following 45-day suspension and $8k fine

Owner of Reggie's and attorney, Kris Perret (Source: WAFB)
Owner of Reggie's and attorney, Kris Perret (Source: WAFB)
ATC attorney and prosecutors (Source: WAFB)
ATC attorney and prosecutors (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Reggie's won't be serving alcohol when LSU students return to campus this fall. The Louisiana Alcohol Tobacco Control (ATC) commissioner suspended the owners' liquor license after a sting last month involving underage patrons.

The charges against Reggie's on the night of June 26 come from a three week long police sting at the bar that ended in 37 arrests. On Thursday, ATC Commissioner Juana Lombard slapped several penalties on the bar's owners.

"You got a 90-day suspension, 45 days deferred, 45 days active suspension starting on Friday, June 14," said Lombard.

That means Reggie's won't be able to serve alcohol until late August and will be on probation until the end of the year. Commissioner Lombard also levied $8,000 in fine against the owners.

Reggie's attorney, Kris Perret, says while the bar is closed, his clients plan to update their security and install scanners to help them keep underage patrons out. "The scanners also allow us to photograph and record the ID used for each individual who re-enters the bar. We are also changing re-entry policy to require both bands and IDs be used to renter the bar," said Perret.

Perret says the bar will also start using neon arm bands instead of stamps to identify patrons. He also asked the ATC to help the bar owners monitor minors who might be hanging out in the parking lot. As for the minors who were arrested last month for underage drinking, Perret says their parents will be hearing from him.

"I would like to remind everybody it is a crime to use a fake ID to enter a liquor establishment if you are not of age. We are also going to take every step we can to go after civilly those individuals who are entering our bars illegally," said Perret.

Perret added his clients have also hired a cleaning crew, had the interior of Reggie's repainted, cleaned out the coolers, and made plumbing repairs in the bathrooms to get the establishment up to code.

Reggie's also has charges pending with the Baton Rouge Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) board.

This all comes after a judge threw out a temporary restraining order on Tuesday, July 11 that allowed Reggie's to remain open and serve alcohol.

The liquor license for Reggie's Bar was suspended by the ATC last month after a police sting in which 37 people were arrested. The arrests included alleged unlawful entry into the business by minors and minors in possession of alcohol, among other things.

On July 3, Judge Tim Kelley approved a temporary restraining order (TRO) that allowed Reggie's to continue serving alcohol until a formal hearing could be conducted. On Tuesday, July 11, Judge Mike Caldwell threw out the TRO, finding the bar did not meet the burden of proof in order to sustain it.

The judge also approved a request by the ATC to dissolve the TRO altogether, finding it did not meet the needed requirements in the first place.

The June 26 police sting at Reggie's resulted in the following 37 arrests:

  • Open container violation - 4
  • Minor in possession - 9
  • Resisting arrest - 3
  • Picture ID required for entering a licensed alcohol outlet - 20
  • Unlawful entry into a business selling alcohol by persons under 18 - 20
  • Battery on a police officer - 1
  • Disturbing the peace by simple drunk - 1
  • Use of a fake ID to enter and purchase alcohol - 8

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