Bielema on baby and 'Bebe'

Bielema on baby and 'Bebe'

(WAFB) - Arkansas head coach, Brett Bielema, covered the 48 hours he was awake for the birth of his baby girl, to a meeting years ago with Ed "Bebe" Orgeron at SEC Media Days on Monday.

Bielema's wife, Jenn, just went through 26 hours of labor to deliver the couple's first child. "She's a girl! My girl ain't playing," said Bielema, who said he's been on college football's rules committee seven years to make an impact on the game's safety with things like the targeting rule. "We have changed the behavior of college football players," Bielema said amid questions about his job security with the Razorbacks. The former Wisconsin head coach is entering his fifth year in Fayetteville, and finished just 7-6 last season.

Arkansas has lost ten straight games to Alabama with Nick Saban as the Crimson Tide head coach, including last year's 49-30 defeat despite a 400 yard passing game from Austin Allen. "We can throw for 800 yards, but it doesn't matter if you don't win," said Bielema.

Bielema's memories of LSU's new head coach go back much further, when he met Orgeron at a Fort Lauderdale football camp when the Lafourche Parish native, known affectionately as "Bebe," was an assistant coach with the Miami Hurricanes. "It was a one man show! I didn't know who the hell he was," Bielema admitted. "And I couldn't understand him, so it was just kind of an entertainment value. I just love his energy and his passion. Here's a guy who knows what he is and embraces it, and I think it's a tremendous thing for the program," said Bielema.

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