Shelter in place lifted in Iberville Parish after chemical release; All clear at Olin Chemical

ST. GABRIEL, LA (WAFB) - Officials say an all clear has been issued for chlorine release at Olin Chemical and the shelter in place has been lifted for areas of St. Gabriel in Iberville.

On the morning of Saturday, July 8 an emergency message was sent from the Iberville Parish Council's Office of Emergency Preparedness. There was been a chemical release of Chlorine at Olin Chemical 4205 Hwy 75.

As of noon on the same day, officials from the parish say an all clear for the area has been issued. Conditions are now safe and normal activities can resume.

All residents of the following locations were advised to stay indoors and shut all doors and windows:

  • Hwy 75 from LSU Ag Rd. to Point Clair Rd.,
  • Point Clair Rd to south of Maryland St.
  • Hwy 30 from Hwy 74 to 4250 Hwy 30.

Also residents were advised to turn off their air conditioning or heating units, close windows and turn off attic fans.

During the chemical release, Iberville Sheriff Office was asked by Olin Chemical to block off 2 miles of road around the plant.

Officials say five people received medical attention at the facility, while Acadian ambulance confirms there were no injuries requiring transportation to a hospital.

As of 11 a.m., Sheriff said the release was contained but the shelter in place remained and roads continued to be shut down.

According to officials, the chlorine release occurred around 9:42 a.m., setting off emergency sirens around the plant.

Olin Corporation released at statement on the incident, saying:

This morning we experienced a chlorine release at our St. Gabriel plant. The release has been contained. Our team immediately addressed the situation, while our employees and the community were asked to shelter in place as a precaution. We immediately coordinated with emergency officials and roads near the plant were closed to ensure safety for the community.  Four plant employees received some precautionary first aid treatment. Others on site were evaluated, but required no treatment. No one required hospitalization.

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