Mobile mammogram bus to provide screenings for patients without insurance

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Woman's Hospital is making it easier for women across the capital region to get screened for breast cancer.

The hospital recently unveiled this new mammography bus.

The mobile screening office will provide 3D mammogram services to women outside of Baton Rouge.

In 2016, they served over 4,500 women and were able to detect 25 breast cancers. Now they hope to serve women across 21 parishes.

"With the 3-D, instead of just taking a one angle view this machine, this part of the machine will move back and forth taking little images in between, little slices, and this gives radiologists more information," said Mary Rose, Woman's Hospital Diagnostics Services Manager. "More information gives for a more accurate report so we're very excited to have the 3-D and have this added for our arsenal against breast cancer."

Rose says thanks to grant funds, the bus will be able to provide mammograms to patients without insurance.

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