Nicki Minaj follows through on promise, shouts out former LSU punter in new song

There is no doubt now who the most popular punter in the NFL is. Former LSU and current New York Giant punter Brad Wing gets that title.

Why? Because Nicki Minaj just dropped his name in a new song.

The name drop is not a just random one. Back in June, the "#NikiMinajChallenge" went viral for a quick minute, with Wing later getting involved by posting a video of himself working out to Minaj's music.

She responded in a comment saying that he'd be getting a shout out in her new track.

Minaj followed through with her promise, mentioning Wing in the latest song she is featured on, "SKRT on Me" by Calvin Harris.

"I'ma land the jump. Yoa Ming da dunk. And I'm playing the field, Brad Wing in the punt," Minaj raps.

Now wing is asking her which game she's coming to this season.

So who knows, a boy from Australia, a girl from could work.

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