Homeowners in Port Vincent already feeling the effects of Hurricane Season

Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

PORT VINCENT, LA (WAFB) - Shona Watts's family dog Ragnar needs a good hose-down quite often. He's constantly covered in mud because of the Louisiana summer rain.

Watts lives in Port Vincent, where heavy rains, as a result of Tropical Storm Cindy, turned their front yard into a giant puddle.

"We picked up what we could," Watts said. "You know, I mean, we got everything stashed up anyway, because of the way... when it rains, we still get water."

Watts is just thankful it wasn't as bad as what happened in August, when water came all the way up to her raised home, but this week's high water still caused problems. It slowed-down the repairs that Watts is trying to do for last summer's damage, which has been frustrating enough.

"It's long, and hard," Watts said. "It's very expensive. It's, I mean, I've run out of money."

Kathryn Thigpen had a similar issue. Most of her front yard was covered with water when the rain came.

Her family is taking on a massive project to rebuild most of their home and the entire front deck.

"The workers haven't been able to come back, and we can't have, the house hasn't been repainted and you know this, the mud, every time we try to do something the mud comes back. So it's kind of a pain," Thigpen said.

Fortunately for Thigpen, she had insurance. Watts got aid from FEMA, and she filled out the recent flood survey, but she isn't expecting the additional money until later this summer.

The Governor's Office began distributing the additional flood aid in May, but it is divided into phases. The office distributes the money based on who they believe is in the most immediate need of money.

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