Specialists meet to talk services and solutions for opioid addicts

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Behavioral health and addiction recovery specialists met Friday to discuss crisis services and solutions.

The community meeting was hosted by Capital Area Human Services, Facing Addiction, and the Bridge Center for Hope.

Capital Area Human Services also introduced a program aimed at reshaping public opinion and reaction to addiction.

"Right now, it's very much stigmatized and very much shame-based and people are penalized for actually having a disease," said Jan Laughinghouse, program director for addiction recovery at Capital Area Human Services. "So, we want to make people aware, give them the information that they have, so people can get proper empathy for being sick, people trying to get well, and not looked at as bad people trying to become good people."

The organizations are currently collaborating to provide more options for recovery in the capital region.

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