More rain expected over weekend as Cindy moves out

More rain expected over weekend as Cindy moves out

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - After days of rain, the clouds are beginning to clear. However, you should expect more rain to linger through the weekend.

Although what is left of Cindy is well off to our north-northeast, the circulation from that system is still enhancing what would already be a normal summertime flow off of the Gulf. The result: a very humid air mass that his taking advantage of daytime heating to produce widespread pop-up showers along with a few rumbles of thunder. For most of the WAFB area, today has been marked by passing showers, a few being occasionally heavy but rarely lasting more than 30 minutes or so.


The weekend's outlook calls for more of the same, scattered-to-likely showers and a few thunderstorms for both Saturday and Sunday afternoons and early evenings.The First Alert forecast puts rain chances at 60-to-70 percent for both days, although neither day will be marked by all-day rains. As we've seen the past couple of days, most WAFB neighborhoods will get both periods of rain and periods of sunshine this weekend.

SATURDAY: Expect another muggy morning start on Saturday with isolated showers and sunrise temperatures in the upper 70°s for the Red Stick. For Saturday afternoon, many WAFB communities will manage to sneak into the upper 80°s in-between the passing showers.

SUNDAY: Sunday morning starts off in the low 70°s with afternoon highs in the mid to upper 80°s.  And once again, we will see passing showers and a few t-storms across the region during the afternoon.  The First Alert forecast calls for a "cold" front to slide southward through Louisiana during the day, further enhancing Sunday's rain chances.


MONDAY: At this point we are setting rain chances for Monday at 50% to 60% as the weak front tries to slide southward into the Gulf waters.  The main question with next week's front: will it have enough southbound momentum to move into the central Gulf or does it stall closer to the coast?  If it can get well out into the Gulf, we should enjoy a couple of less-humid and largely rain-free days for Tuesday and Wednesday. However, we are suspicious that the front will stall along or near the coast and that means a more-unsettled and slightly more-humid forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday.

For the time being, we will "split the difference" and go with rain chances at about 30% for Tuesday and Wednesday with morning starts in the upper 60°s to near 70° and afternoon highs in the mid to upper 80s.  We should get a better perspective of just how far the front can push over the weekend.

Regardless of how "dry" it gets for Tuesday and Wednesday, any respite from the summertime humidity will be a short one. Plan for a return to a summertime "feel" as well as a return to scattered afternoon rains by Thursday and Friday.

In the meantime, here's hoping that you get to enjoy the upcoming weekend no matter how much rain we get. And be thankful that Cindy did not leave a more substantial "thumbprint" on our region.


Although Cindy has officially weakened and is accelerating to the north, rainbands around 'her' broader circulation pattern have become more active Thursday than they were in prior days. It is quite likely that many WAFB neighborhoods will see more rain over the weekend than when Cindy was a tropical storm.

That circulation will help energize a steady southerly flow through the day on Friday, continuing to pull Gulf moisture into the central Gulf Coast region.

Friday will be a day of passing showers with intermittent rain-free periods and some runs of sunshine as well. The First Alert team is posting rain chances for Friday afternoon at 60% to 70%, with a daytime high in the mid to upper 80°s.

Heading into the weekend, we are currently posting rain chances at 60% to 70% for Saturday and Sunday, with highs both days in the mid to upper 80°s.

Given this "wet" outlook through the weekend, WAFB communities could see another 1" to 3" of rain between now and Sunday evening.

Our First Alert forecast indicates a weak "cold" front will slip southward through the lower Mississippi Valley on Monday. We anticipate scattered rains on Monday until the front has made its way far enough south and out into the coastal waters.  Unfortunately, this scenario doesn't set us up to be completely dry for next week, but we are putting rain chances at "isolated" (around 20% or so) for both Tuesday and Wednesday.

We should also benefit from drier (less humid) air on the backside of Monday's front even if it is only a brief respite.

That drier air mass should deliver morning starts in the upper 60°s for the Red Stick on Tuesday and Wednesday before the air begins to "moisten up" into Wednesday afternoon.

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