Vote to move BR Zoo postponed to next meeting

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A vote originally scheduled for tonight on whether to move the location of the Baton Rouge zoo was postponed to a later date.

The meeting began at 5 p.m. and public input was taken on the issue.

Under consideration is a plan to move the zoo from its current location in north Baton Rouge, near Baker, to a yet-to-be determined location in south Baton Rouge.

BREC leaders say they continue to have many supporters for the proposal, but several critics of the plan have also come forward. The BREC superintendent says many of the critics want to see the zoo remain in north Baton Rouge, as well as an improved Greenwood Park.

"The problem with that notion is it's just not enough space. I with I could do both, but I can't. We have to move the zoo in order to reimagine the Greenwood Park and do the kinds of things we're talking about doing there," said BREC superintendent, Carolyn McKnight.

McKnight says plans to move the zoo and renovate the current location would provide two places for the community to gather. She also says BREC's Board of Commissioners requested that she again ask the community for its input.

The vote will be taken up again at the next meeting.

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