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FEMA offers tips to August flood victims in temporary housing

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Information provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Heavy rain and strong winds can lead to tornadoes and flooding. August flood survivors living in temporary housing and residences should take precautions before, during and after inclement weather.

Follow these tips and guidelines for severe weather:

  • Monitor local weather channels and news outlets for current conditions.
    • All FEMA Manufactured Housing Units (MHUs) come equipped with weather radios.
  • Survivors should follow evacuation orders, storm paths, road closures and other important information from local officials.
  • Severe weather may affect access to and from homes.
    • Be aware of multiple evacuation routes.
    • Know the exact address and location of closest shelter.
  • Never shelter in MHUs, mobile homes or recreational vehicles during tornadoes and hurricanes.
    • Evacuate immediately if recommended by local officials.
    • Do not leave pets behind.
    • Disconnect all electrical devices.
  • Do not attempt to walk or drive through flooded areas.
    • Six inches of water can cause people to fall and flood most compact or midsize cars.
    • Twelve inches of water can cause most vehicles to float.
    • Two feet of water can sweep away large vehicles like trucks and SUVs.
  • Additional severe weather tips can be found at www.ready.gov.
  • Survivors can also visit www.fema.gov/pdf/areyouready/areyouready_full.pdf for a copy of the emergency preparedness guide.
  • Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (OHSEP) Contacts can be found at gohsep.la.gov/about/parishpa.

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