Ten months after the historic flood, St. Amant residents anxious about TS Cindy

Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

ST. AMANT, LA (WAFB) - Ten months after the August flood inundated the St. Amant community, people there are now preparing for another storm.

People lined up throughout the day Tuesday at the fire station, gathering sandbags to protect their homes and properties from the effects of Tropical Storm Cindy. They cleared out a container holding more than 30,000 pre-made sandbags.

Billy Stelly, who lives along Lake Martin, was among them. "Hopefully it don't get that high, but you can't take a chance. Got to do something ahead of time," said Stelly.

Fire Chief James LeBlanc estimates about 35 percent in his community still have not moved home and are working to rebuild after August's historic flood. The fire station itself is still in need of massive repairs.

"We lost every fire station, every school. Ninety percent of our business, 90 percent of our firemen's homes. All that just happened nine months ago and here we go again," said LeBlanc.

Ever since August, LeBlanc says people get nervous any time they see rain for more than a day. Even though any possible flooding from Cindy is expected to pale in comparison to the August storm, people insist they do not want to take any chances.

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Spencer Arnold got sandbags, saying he got 15 inches in the historic flood. "I want to have everything in place this time," Arnold said. "Instead of trying to play catch up during the process when water's coming in, I want to have everything in place."

LeBlanc says he will have volunteers on standby throughout the worst parts of the storm to help with any emergencies.

"Lets continue to do what we did in August of 2016. Let's do our best to keep calm, let's try to protect our community and homes the best way we can," said LeBlanc.

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