BR man starts organization helping fatherless kids

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Levar Robinson cherishes every moment he gets with his kids.

He learned what Father's Day really means… the hard way.

"My father was not in my life when I was a child," Robinson said. "My mom was single parent with two kids, disabled... so she was not able to work at all. So it was real tough."

In spite of those challenges, Robinson grew up and found success in the Navy before joining Dow Chemical as an operator.

Now he's raising six kids with his wife... and he wants to make sure that children across Baton Rouge don't go through life without a positive male role model.

So he founded F.O.A.M., Fathers On a Mission. He started the nonprofit organization just three months ago.

F.O.A.M. helps fathers struggling with their newfound responsibility, and kids growing up without a dad.

"We have to be able to meet em where they're at," Robinson said. "So, being that the guys that I worked with, we're from the poverty area so we don't come to them as we're better than you, we're equal. Been there done that. So we try to talk to em."

Robinson says he was inspired to start F.O.A.M. not just because of his own childhood, but because of problems he saw in his home town.

"Being that I'm from the poverty area and I experienced a lot of things that a lot of the kids experience now, I know first hand what it is that kids need, what kids need... and also fathers," Robinson said.

He hopes that this is only the beginning. He says the problem is not solely in Baton Rouge.

"Not only is it a problem in Baton Rouge," Robinson said. "It's a problem in our state, our country, this is a worldwide problem. We don't care what the reason is. Our goal is to get that bond back together."

Anyone interested in joining F.O.A.M. should go to their website,

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