Woman searching for good Samaritans who helped by LSU Lakes

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - What began as a good morning to get some exercise around the LSU Lakes, took a turn for the worst for Baker resident Gwendolyn Robertson.

"I was just walking and I came across the part where the gravel meets the uneven road and I slipped," said Robertson.

Robertson said she tumbled to the ground on East Lakeshore Dr. near the LSU Bird Refuge. The fall broke her right foot and busted her right knee. Alone, and miles from her car, Robertson said she was stuck, but not for long.

"From nowhere, this couple came up and the helped me up," said Robertson. "When I raised up my pants leg, the blood just started gushing. Without hesitation this man took his towel and wrapped my leg up."

Robertson says while the husband and wife where helping, three other ladies stopped by and flagged down yet another woman in an SUV who loaded her up and drove her to the nearest urgent care center. She says the ladies stayed with her until Robertson's brother arrived. In all six people stopped to help.

A week later, Robertson is confined to a chair with a splint on her foot and 9 staples in her knee.  She said while she is on the mend, she can't stop thinking about those people who came to her aid.

"There are still good people willing to help you without hesitation," said Robertson.

The only problem is, she was in so much pain at the time, Robertson said she doesn't remember any names. She hopes that by sharing her story about the good Samaritans by the Lakes, she will get the chance to thank them in person.

"I just want to find them and tell them thank you. They were good Samaritans. Actually, they were my guardian angels," said Robertson.

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