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More bills signed into law by Gov. Edwards

Gov. John Bel Edwards (Source: WAFB) Gov. John Bel Edwards (Source: WAFB)

On Friday, June 16, Governor John Bel Edwards signed 40 bills into law.

The governor signed the following bills:

  • ACT 192 – HB 13: Provides relative to the Pointe Coupee Parish library
  • ACT 193 – HB 44: Provides relative to district court's and juvenile court's jurisdiction over adults in criminal proceedings
  • ACT 194 – HB 70: Provides relative to the classified fire service in the cities of Baton Rouge, Bossier City, and Lafayette and Fire Protection District No. 2 of Ward 4 of Calcasieu Parish
  • ACT 195 – HB 82: Provides relative to the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Louisiana Public Defender Board
  • ACT 196 – HB 110: Provides relative to the procedure for designating certain crimes in the court minutes as crimes of violence
  • ACT 197 – HB 115: Provides for the continuous revision of community property laws
  • ACT 198 – HB 121: Provides relative to a detailed descriptive list in an independent administration of estates
  • ACT 199 – HB 144: Provides for real property interests for integrated coastal restoration projects
  • ACT 200 – HB 150: Provides relative to the name of the South St. Landry Community Library District
  • ACT 201 – HB 160: Provides relative to voting by a person who has a disability
  • ACT 202 – HB 164: Provides for the abolition of the office of police chief and the police department for the town of Stonewall
  • ACT 203 – HB 176: Eliminates the cap on the funding formula for voluntary parish councils on aging
  • ACT 204 – HB 178: Provides that certain educator provider programs are not proprietary schools and thus not subject to licensing by the Board of Regents
  • ACT 205 – HB 219: Provides relative to the discharge of bail obligations
  • ACT 206 – HB 237: Extends the sunset for the Enterprise Zone Program
  • ACT 207 – HB 242: Requires the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and local public school boards to send certain information relative to independent evaluations of charter proposals to charter applicants
  • ACT 208 – HB 260: Repeals provisions for the Grant Parish Economic and Industrial Development District
  • ACT 209 – HB 264: Specifies the types of construction contracts eligible for exclusion from the levy of a new state or local sales and use tax
  • ACT 210 – HB 277: Provides relative to training of peace officers
  • ACT 211 – HB 307: Requires a tax clearance from the Dept. of Revenue for certain licenses, permits, tax resale certificates, and state contracts
  • ACT 212 – HB 315: Provides relative to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law
  • ACT 213 – HB 318: Provides free parking for disabled veterans at airports
  • ACT 214 – HB 323: Provides with respect to the operation of charitable bingo
  • ACT 215 – HB 377: Requires the Jefferson Council on Aging to provide certain levels of services at specified community and senior centers
  • ACT 216 – HB 379: Authorizes the Regional Transit Authority to solicit and enter into public-private partnership contracts
  • ACT 217 – HB 382: Excludes Lawrason Act municipalities from certain provisions of the Local Government Budget Act
  • ACT 218 – HB 389: Authorizes the commissioner of conservation of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to enforce the La. Underground Utilities and Facilities Damage Prevention (OneCall) law as it applies to pipelines
  • ACT 219 – HB 393: Provides for the elimination of contents coverage on residential properties following a declared disaster
  • ACT 220 – HB 436: Requires drug manufacturers to provide information regarding prescription drug prices
  • ACT 221 – HB 471: Provides relative to manufactured and modular housing
  • ACT 222 – HB 474: Authorizes the issuance of an alternative oyster culture permit to a person holding an oyster lease on a privately owned water bottom
  • ACT 223 – HB 508: Authorizes a fee for the transfer of film tax credits
  • ACT 224 – HB 517: Requires the state superintendent of education to report specified information annually pertaining to each public school, including charter schools
  • ACT 225 – HB 542: Provides for travel insurance
  • ACT 226 – HB 554: Provides relative to public procurement methods
  • ACT 227 – HB 556: Provides relative to sick leave granted to school bus operators, teachers, and other public school employees in certain instances
  • ACT 228 – HB 608: Allows the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to manage, regulate, and conserve flora in addition to fauna
  • ACT 229 – HB 617: Provides relative to District Five Road Commission of St. Landry Parish and District Six Road Commission of St. Landry Parish
  • ACT 230 – HB 660: Requires identification lettering on all school buses used to transport students to public schools in Orleans Parish
  • ACT 231 – HB 675: Requires contractors to provide certain license, classification, and insurance information

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