Three men accused of committing murder in New Roads in 2015 still don't have trial date

Brian Ricard, Albert Roberts, and Darius West (Source: New Roads Police Department)
Brian Ricard, Albert Roberts, and Darius West (Source: New Roads Police Department)

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - Almost two years after the murder of a man in New Roads, his family is wanting to know when his accused killers will see their day in court.

Michael Coleman was shot and killed in New Roads in June of 2015 after officials say he was robbed.

"He was my blood brother," said Shingo, Coleman's sibling. "He was my best friend. He was my everything. When we were in my parent's home, me and him were like two peas in a buggy."

Last year in June, Shingo got a phone call that changed everything.

"They killed Michael," said Shingo.

"We got a break in the case the following night where a vehicle was placed at the scene. We were able to identify the occupants of the vehicle based on the witness' statement," said New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald.

Chief McDonald says three men were in that car: Darius West, Brian Ricard, and Albert Roberts.

All three have been arrested and were indicted on charges of second degree murder in November of 2016. Two years later though, a trial date still has not been set.

"It really doesn't mean anything 'till justice be served," said Shingo.

For Coleman's family, their question is: what's taking so long?

"It was a pending investigation. With the homicide, it is so sensitive that we do not want the names of the suspects, we do not want to put all that information out on the streets. We knew exactly who we were looking for," said McDonald.

Chief McDonald says with New Roads being such a small community, every murder hits home and they take each one very seriously.

"The only way I will feel 5 percent closure is when those guys are convicted of taking my brother away from me," said Shingo.

Chief McDonald says they're ready to go to trial. A motions hearing is scheduled for July 12. A trial date will be set at that hearing.

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