Denham Springs boy struck by cars, seriously hurt in Shreveport


DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - A Denham Springs child is seriously hurt after he was hit by two cars in Shreveport.

According to Shreveport Police, Ryan Verrett, 11, was leaving the Shreveport Police Graduation ceremony Friday when he was struck.

Verett's counsin, Kay Lyn, was one of the graduates. She decided to start a GoFundMe account.

According to the account created by Kay Lyn, the boy and his friends were walking to a nearby park after the graduation ceremony to play Pokémon Go. Lyn says one car stopped to let the boys pass, but a driver in the second lane did not see them and hit Verrett, throwing him into the opposite lane where he was struck a second time. Officers said no charges will be filed against the driver.

The boy's family says he was rushed to University Health in Shreveport and that his injuries are extensive including several skull fractures, broken bones, and swelling in the brain.

"Every time Ryan wakes up he is a scared, lonely, and confused 11-year-old boy who is in a lot of pain and does not understand why," wrote Lyn on the GoFundMe Account.

An update posted this morning says Verrett is showing some signs of improving.  In her post, his cousin said she established the GoFundMe account because Verrett's family are also flood victims and only recently returned to their home.

Verrett's GoFundMe account can be found here: Move Mountains For Ryan

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