Attorney issues statement after new charges filed against man accused of killing 12-year-old during police chase

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The man accused of killing a 12-year-old boy while he was attempting to flee from police is facing two new charges.

Joshual Hilton is now charged with obstruction of justice and possession and distribution of drugs. An additional $170,000 bond has been added for those charges.

Hilton's lawyer, Ron Haley, released a statement Thursday afternoon.

Our offices have been hired by Joshual Hilton to defend him against the charges levied against him due to the tragic and avoidable accident that took the life of Sammy. Mr. Hilton has maintained and will maintain his innocence. It is easy to rush to judgment when we have a case as tragic and emotional as this one. We offer our condolences on behalf of our office and our client to Sammy's family.  In this difficult time we ask for patience until the truth comes out. Please make no mistake about it. We seek the truth and we believe when the truth comes to light, the truth will show that Josh is not the responsible party for the death of Sammy. As it relates to the additional drug offenses that Josh has been charged with, we question the timing of these charges and why it has taken over a week to charge him with these crimes. Today we filed a Motion to Inspect Evidence in order shed additional light to this matter. We are taking a swift and proactive approach to this case.  If there is anyone with additional information we ask them to contact our offices.

According to the probable cause report, on May 31 narcotics officers with the Baton Rouge Police Department and an agent with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office were conducting surveillance at a home on Berryville Ct. That's when police say they saw Hilton leaving the home with what they believed to be narcotics.

The narcotics detectives followed Hilton to the 2300 block of O'Neal Ln. when Hilton stopped at a red light, the detective turned on his lights.

"...the other BRPD Detectives parked around [Hilton] exited their units and approached [Hilton's] vehicle on foot," states the report.

The report notes that all of the officers were clearly identified as police officers.

"As [Hilton] observed the police officers, [Hilton's] vehicle began to move towards one of the detectives standing in the roadway," states the report. "The detectives began giving [Hilton] both audible and visual signals to stop to no avail. [Hilton] then accelerated the vehicle towards the detective; as it became obvious [Hilton] was going to intentionally run over the detective, a second BRPD Narcotics Detective shot [Hilton]."

After being wounded, Hilton allegedly took off in his vehicle northbound on O'Neal Ln.

"The detectives began pursing [Hilton] using lights and sirens and observed [Hilton] throwing large quantities of suspected crystal methamphetamine out of the driver's window of the truck in an attempt to destroy evidence and avoid arrest on O'Neal Ln.," the report continues. "[Hilton] continued to flee turning westbound on Old Hammond Hwy. at which time he struck and killed a pedestrian attempting to cross the road."

That pedestrian was Sammy Lee. His funeral is scheduled for Saturday, June 10.

"Shortly after striking the pedestrian, [Hilton] came to a stop in the 15200 block of Old Hammond Hwy. Where he was taken into custody," notes the report. "Detectives did observe a large amount of suspected crystal methamphetamine strewn about the interior of the vehicle in plain view."

At this point Hilton was taken to the hospital to be treated for his gunshot wound.

The Louisiana State Police were called in to investigate due to the officer-involved shooting. This is standard procedure.

"LSP recovered approximately 112 gram (TPW) of suspected crystal methamphetamine from the interior of [Hilton's] vehicle," states the report.

After being released from the hospital, Hilton was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. He was initially booked for manslaughter. His bond is set at $307,500 after it was increased.

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