OUR TURN: Legislative Session Failure

OUR TURN: Legislative Session Failure

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "A failure to act is not an option."

That's the bold quote of a task force Louisiana lawmakers created to come up with a plan for fixing our state's finances. But as it turns out, in this legislative session, as in those before it, failure to act was not only an option, it was a plan.

Despite promising to do better this session, lawmakers did nothing to fix the state's broken financial system. No tax reform. No plan to deal with yet another looming financial crisis. Heck, they couldn't even agree to pass a small gas tax increase to begin to fix the roads and improve our traffic problems. The gas tax hasn't been increased in 28 years, but just try to build a road or a bridge for the same price as what it cost back then.

Our lawmakers should be embarrassed and some of them are. Barry Ivey said bluntly, "We . . . do not know what we are doing." And Julie Stokes put it this way, "It's hard to watch Louisiana fall on its face." She's right. It sure is.

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