Beth Torina's high school coach supports her at WCWS

Beth Torina's high school coach supports her at WCWS

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (WAFB) - LSU head coach Beth Torina's high school coach is in Oklahoma City to cheer on her former player.

"Be right there!" Torina yelled at one of her players. Cover up! In the sun, okay? You help her, too. If you can see it better, too, take it from her!"

At just 38 years old, Torina is considered one of the rising rock stars in the game of college softball. She's taken LSU to the College World Series four times in just six years as the head coach of the Tigers.

"I really think this thing's about the players," Torina said. "We have talented players. We have special players. The whole deal is about the players and the work and effort they put in. I think I can be a catalyst. I can help encourage them. I can help push them, but ultimately, they're the ones who play the game."

"I think it's that we believe everything that she says," added Sahvanna Jaquish. "She's so genuine when she talks to us. She really just wants the best. And, she expects nothing less from us."

At the WCWS supporting Torina is Dianne Davidson, her high school coach.

"Beth was one of the best student athletes I've ever had," Davidson said. "She was one of our top 10 in the graduating class of almost 1,000."

"I think I probably gave her a lot of grey hair, but she gave me a lot of confidence. Pushed me, demanded a lot from me," Torina explained.

"Beth was very emotional. Beth had strong will. Stubborn is another way to say that. She wanted to be the best at whatever it was and she worked at it. I am certainly not surprised at her success at LSU or the other stops before that," Davidson added.

The first pitch for LSU vs. UCLA is set for 1:30 p.m.

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