Woman returns from store in time to save 9 people from fire

Near Intersection of North Sherwood Forest Drive and Bard Avenue (Source: WAFB)
Near Intersection of North Sherwood Forest Drive and Bard Avenue (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Nearly a dozen women and children are homeless after a house fire Wednesday morning.

The Baton Rouge Fire Department reported it happened on East Black Oak Drive, which is off North Sherwood Forest Boulevard north of Florida Boulevard, around 7:30 a.m.

One of the women living in the home said she and nine others, all women and children, are displaced due to the fire.

"Hopefully everything will get worked out," said Ada Conner, a resident who was in the home at the time of the fire. "I didn't have time to do nothing but grab my baby and some clothes and get out the house. It was just smoke everywhere."

Latasha Owens is one of the residents who had gone to the store while everyone else was asleep. When she got to the home, she discovered the fire.

"I was getting out of my car and I started seeing something on top of the house like it looked like the heater was on," she said. "I couldn't even tell what it was. And then it started getting worse. When I came towards the house, it was like hold on, I started knocking on the window and then I heard boom and I was like oh my goodness...it must be on fire or something if I'm hearing boom.

Owens had to break a window with her hand to get the attention of the sleeping people inside.

"I just thank God my best friend was there to wake everybody else and get us outside the house," Conner said. "You just got to be grateful and thankful and treat people right. Because you never know when you'll need somebody..."

"But it was scary. I'm shaking. I can't stop shaking," Owens added.

Fire officials said the fire started from a faulty water heater.

The house had heavy fire and smoke damage.

Red Cross was contacted to help the victims.

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