SLIDESHOW: DOC Probation and parole violators arrested during warrant roundup

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A warrant roundup by the Department of Corrections landed several people behind bars overnight, as officers tracked down folks who were trying to stay out of sight.

Three teams of probation and parole officers worked late into the night to go after about 50 folks who violated the terms of their probation or parole. The officers were pretty successful in their hunt.

The officers conducted a five-hour operation that targeted 45 people who have not checked in during their supervised release. It meant knocking on a lot of doors in the middle of the night. Many of the searches were dead ends, but some suspects, like Michael Hill, were taken back into custody. In his case, it was because of a domestic abuse battery charge while on parole.

"They're being supervised because they're convicted felons, so it's very important that we're monitoring these people," said Jamie Oertel, a specialist with Probation and Parole. "We're trying to help them get rehabilitation and when they don't do what they're supposed to do, then we have to put them back in jail."

At the same time in another corner of Baton Rouge, team two got a good lead on Malik Allen, who was wanted for violating conditions of an armed robbery charge.

"We got a call the other day that he pulled a gun on a neighbor, so they gave us the address for him, so we kind of had a pretty good idea he was going to be there tonight," said Cass Mitchell, another specialist with Probation and Parole.

Allen was taken into custody without incident.

"One of our main resources of finding people is people calling in and saying this guy is over here causing trouble in my neighborhood and I want this one person out of the neighborhood," Mitchell added.

The other factor is the element of surprise, as one crew proved at a home in Scotlandville. Officers spotted Donald Odds through the window and eventually found him hiding in the air conditioner return.

"Put your hands behind your back hands behind your back, put your hands behind your back," Mitchell told the suspect.

Odds was under supervised release for a charge of injuring officers. No one got hurt during his apprehension.

"I've arrested Donald, this is about my fourth time. He's always hid on me. We knew he was in the house. We searched everywhere. We were going to go in the attic. I saw the AC return vent was just pulled out a little bit. When I pulled it out, he was laying up in there, way back up in the back. Didn't want to come out. We had to drag him out," Mitchell explained.

In all, officers arrested 13 people overnight. Those suspects can all expect more jail time for the alleged violations of their original release.

"This is a last option for us. We do a lot of things before we'll actually put a warrant out for somebody to put them back into prison. Our job is to keep people out of prison," Oertel stated.

For the ones who got away, rest assured officers do these operations regularly. All of those people are still wanted and still being sought by the Department of Corrections.

The suspects arrested include:

  • Ronald Starwood
  • Joshua Thompson
  • Ronnie Morgan
  • Terrance Smith
  • Malik Allen
  • Donald Odds
  • Michael Hill
  • Anthony Chandler
  • Deandre Jenkins
  • Jason Bazille
  • Michael Boston
  • Isiah London
  • Dylan Leader

They were all booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

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