Police investigating brutal fight outside bar in Tigerland

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Police are investigating a brutal fight at a Tigerland bar near LSU that included injured people being kicked in the head while already on the ground.

Two videos were widely circulated on social media Tuesday showing multiple brutal fights in that area. It is not clear when the fights occurred.

Police were still reviewing the videos early Tuesday afternoon. Officials at LSU are also reviewing the videos because the area is very close to campus and frequented by students.

"LSU is aware of a video showing an altercation off-campus, but at this time we are unaware of when this occurred and if LSU students were involved," said Aliso Satake, a media spokesperson for LSU. "We will review and, if necessary, apply the appropriate disciplinary measures."

The longest video lasts 3 minutes and 27 seconds. There is no indication in that video of any police officers being in that area at the time.

In the videos, two young men are already down on the ground and injured when someone walks up to them and kicks them in the head. In one case, the victim's head was kicked into the bumper of a parked vehicle.

WAFB has edited the two videos to remove some of the most brutal portions as well as offensive language. CLICK HERE to view the original post and unedited video.

Emergency crews were called to the Tigerland area late Monday night after an anonymous caller reported that a man was unconscious in the roadway bleeding. However, police say they believe that is from an unrelated incident.

A BRPD spokesman says officers are not generally stationed in that area except on Friday and Saturday nights during the LSU football season.

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