Baton Rouge General offer tips to stay safe while celebrating Memorial Day

Baton Rouge General offer tips to stay safe while celebrating Memorial Day

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Baton Rouge General Regional Burn Center Medical Director offers tips for a happy, uneventful Memorial Day holiday.

According to  the National Fire Protection Agency, each year more than 15,000 patients visit emergency rooms for burns involving grills. With Memorial Day celebrations scheduled for the weekend, burn center director Dr. Tracee Short urges people to practice fire safety with five simple tips.

  1. Only use grills outside, and remember to keep a 3-foot “safe zone” around them
  2. Never let children play around a grill
  3. Check to make sure propane tank connections are secure on gas grills
  4. Build campfires at least 15 feet away from tent walls, shrubs, or other materials that burn
  5. Never use gasoline or other accelerants on campfires

"Summer allows for fun outdoor opportunities, but it's essential to know about fire safety," advises Dr. Tracee Short, BRG Regional Burn Center Medical Director. "Being prepared is important, but prevention is even more effective."

Baton Rouge General's Regional Burn Center was first established in 1970 and is one of only 125 burn centers in the U.S. verified by the American Burn Association. Because of the limited number of burn centers across the nation, Baton Rouge General plays an integral role in supporting other Gulf Coast states when the need arises. Among the Regional Burn Center's offerings are support groups and counseling as well as educational resources.

Learn more about the BRG Regional Burn Center's resources and team of experts by visiting or by contacting 387-7717.

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