House representative moves into senate seat to replace Troy Brown

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Former state senator Troy Brown's seat finally has a new face.

Ed Price will take over.

Price has spent the last six years in the Louisiana House of Representatives.

Brown resigned in February amid calls for his expulsion after he pleaded no contest domestic abuse charges.

Price says he doesn't feel any added pressure or responsibility given Brown's tumultuous exit.

"I'm here to do a job, and I'm going to do that job to the best of my ability," Price says. "So, I don't feel the pressure at all I just want to get there and represent the people in a very very great way."

Price easily defeated fellow Democrat Warren Harang in a runoff Saturday night, taking home 63-percent of the vote.

The candidates campaigned for only a month and a half.

"It became very, very interesting early on with so many candidates in the race," Price said. "We had 13 candidates in the race so it was a process of running very hard and letting people know what I was about, my leadership ability."

Price will represent eight parishes, including Ascension, Assumption, Iberville, and West Baton Rouge.

He says his main focus will be criminal justice reform... he wants shorter prison sentences for non-violent offenders, and more alternatives to incarceration.

"We lock a lot of people up who need help, who need rehabilitating," Price said. "And we lock em up for long term. So we gotta straighten some of that out and look at what do we do. These people need help."

Price will transition to his new position by the end of this session, which comes to an end on Thursday, June 8.

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