Bust unveiled in honor of 11-year-old who had a mission to help less fortunate

Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - 11-year old Trevor Sims lost his battle to cancer four years ago and his dying wish was to feed the hungry, but he also had one more dream that the community helped fulfill.

In a pre-recorded video played at Trevor Sims' funeral, not only did he request the community to continue his mission to serve the less fortunate, he laughingly asked that a bust be made in his honor.

"Never truly thought this would become a reality. I thought, oh they're just talking about that but it's not really gonna happen," said Allison Sims, Trevor's mother.

After three years of raising more than $15,000 dollars, and long hours of sculpting the locally made bust, his playful suggestion is now a reality. The bust sits at the Downtown Greenway in front of the Old Governor's Mansion on North Boulevard.

"It's just amazing that people had the diligence to stick to it for so long and to really believe in it so much to make it come to pass," said Sims.

Ashton Kennedy, a friend of Trevor's, along with the former Mayor of Baton Rouge Kip Holden, believed in his message of putting self aside and community first.

"There are very few people that can walk away with that label," said Holden.

Kennedy, who orchestrated the plan to create the bust, said this memorial will serve as a constant reminder of Trevor's selflessness.

"No matter what you're going through, to look at the good in everything and to make a difference," said Kennedy.

Allison Sims said her son's compassion was infectious - so much so that he motivated the community to donate thousands to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank as part of his dying mission. Executive Officer Mike Manning said since the inception of "Trevor Wish," the food bank has collected over 61,000 pounds of food and served close to one million meals.

"He uplifted us, he inspired us to do more. He really challenged us to feed more people," said Manning.

Allison said despite what Trevor was going through he was always thinking of ways to help someone else.

"Even on his worst days. He was always, oh we need to call and check on so and so and how is this person doing, what can we do for these people. He was always thinking of others and I think that compassion and sincerity in his heart, everyone saw that and it spread like wildfire," said Sims.

Former Mayor Holden, who was instrumental in making this bust happen, said Trevor always kept sight of what he wanted to accomplish.

"We must remember Trevor because Trevor never forgot us," said Holden.

"Most people would have folded in that situation but he was a role model for all of us," said Kennedy.

The community and his family said his will and desire to help others will carry on.

"Then he said well, in spite of my condition I can't have a pity party for myself. I have to go out there and do something to help people. Regardless
of what I have to do until the day I die. I'm going to be out there fighting and making a difference in the quality of life, even after I'm gone. Hey world, look out Trevor is still here," said Holden.

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