Woman claims her stolen car was used in string of alleged burglaries

Source: Homeowner
Source: Homeowner
Source: Homeowner
Source: Homeowner
Cornisha Clayton (Source: WAFB)
Cornisha Clayton (Source: WAFB)

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge woman believes she has the key to help police crack a case after seeing an alleged burglary on social media. She has gotten law enforcement involved and is disgusted in how she may be linked to crime.

Video of the incident shows a man dressed in all white first checking car doors outside of a home in Central. He is not alone. A closer look reveals two others standing guard just outside the home. Finally, the man settles on two hover boards that he seemingly swipes before slipping from the garage.

The footage and several pictures were posted on Facebook by a Central homeowner after the alleged burglary, which happened around midnight Sunday night.

"From the Facebook post, this seems to me to be kids, teens," said Cornisha Clayton.

But it is not the suspects that caught Clayton's eye. What she noticed was the getaway car that was captured in the photos.

"The LED lights, the color, the rims. I recognized them because I have a sports model," she said.

Clayton believes it's her car, a 2017 Honda Accord purchased six months ago, which she says was stolen from her driveway the same night, roughly 30 minutes before the pictures of the burglary surfaced online.

"It was parked like right here and when I walked out of the front door, I noticed it wasn't here," Clayton added.

To make matters worse, she says the thought that her car could be used to hurt others is sickening. "When I saw that they were using my vehicle to commit other crimes, I said, 'This has to stop,'" said Clayton.

She says she immediately called police and reported the car stolen early Monday morning, but never in her wildest dreams did she think she would be a target.

"We're still trying to recover from this flood and to wake up the next morning and have something stolen from you, that's kind of hard to take in," she added. "Not only that, but if they're coming in your yard to steal your vehicles, then they'll be coming in your door and breaking down your door next."

After taking a good look at the alleged robbers, Clayton says they do not look familiar. She claims she locked her doors and is not sure how the alleged thieves were able to make off with the car. While she does not recognize them, she hopes someone does and that justice is served.

"You have to be a cruel person to steal something from someone, something that somebody has worked hard for," she added. "For you to just take it from them, it's just not right."

9News spoke with the woman who posted the video on Facebook. She says for now she's following advice from police to not go public while the investigation continues.

Anyone with information that can help lead to an arrest in the case is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 225 344-7867.

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