Lawmakers set to discuss future of Hollywood South

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A new week means new legislation being discussed among Louisiana lawmakers.

One thing being followed closely what lawmakers have planned for the future of Hollywood South.

It wasn't that long ago that Hollywood South was packed to the gills and pushing out blockbusters. A lot has changed, though, and lawmakers are now debating its future.

"Right now, Louisiana is trying to preserve its industry and it appears there might be a consensus on this," said political analyst Jim Engster. "A bill has cleared the Senate, 33 to 3, that would cap it at $180 million. That is far from what it used to be, but it at least preserves the industry to some extent. At one time, we were number one in the nation. We are not number one any longer. There are studies that show we are not getting enough bang for our buck, but it appears that the administration and lawmakers have come to a consensus that we are going to try and keep that industry viable in this state."

Capitol correspondent Kevin Frey is at the Louisiana State Capitol monitoring the latest legislative developments.

He will provide a recap of big items on 9News at 5.

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