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St. Amant residents take on neighborhood drainage issues

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Every time it rains, at least one neighborhood in St. Amant braces for the worst. People who live along Pertuis St. say they have been fighting drainage issues since before the August flood, and now it's only getting worse.

Nicole Cardinale is ready to get back into her newly renovated home. “We are hoping for at least September,” said Cardinale.

She says the home took on four feet of water last August. The pain is still very raw.

“[It was] really hard. We basically lost everything we had, 24 years of my life,” said Cardinale.

But while she puts the finishing touches on her investment, Cardinale is worried a problem just outside her new front door could cause it to flood again. The ditches along Pertuis St. and Melancon Rd. are shallow and filled with debris. In some areas, it appears the culverts are clogged. Cardinale says the last time it rained, she had a close call.

“It was already up to the back porch and I explained to the gentleman on the phone that I was freaking out because I can't have water get back in my house that I just spend all this time rebuilding,” said Cardinale.

She's not the only one dealing with this issue.

Nancy Mayers, who has been living in her home for 62 years, says every time it rains, it takes a neighborhood effort to get the water out. She says in the last four years, it has gotten bad. The water just sits.

“It's nasty. Can't something be done about the drainage? We come out here, we dig the ditches out, do our best to get it flowing, but nothing's being done to help us,” said Mayers.

Homeowners say their calls to the parish have gone unanswered and the routine of digging in and cleaning out the neighborhood ditches after a hard rain is getting old. They are just about ready to throw in the towel.

“A natural disaster is one thing, but somebody not doing their job maintaining what they say they are going to maintain and acting that it's a problem when I call, yeah, I'm fed up,” said Cardinale.

A spokesman for the Ascension Parish Government says they are aware of the issue and that a work order has been submitted for a major drainage project in that area. They are hoping to get to it before the end of the year.

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