Southern University student who was raped as child now the author of new, inspirational book

Cover of The Invitation Light: Find Your Strengths At All Cost (Source: Darien Trask)
Cover of The Invitation Light: Find Your Strengths At All Cost (Source: Darien Trask)
Back of The Invitation Light: Find Your Strengths At All Cost (Source: Darien Trask)
Back of The Invitation Light: Find Your Strengths At All Cost (Source: Darien Trask)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "I honestly think people were shutting me out, maybe because they were having their own problems in their life, and that's how I started writing my book," said Southern University student, Darien Trask. His self-published book, The Invitation Light: Find Your Strengths At All Cost, which is currently available on Amazon and will be available on Barnes & Nobles' website in early June.

The 21-year-old business management major at Southern says he was raped by his little sister's father when he was only 5-years-old, but as some children do, when something like this happens, he kept the horrible experience to himself. As a child, he never told anyone. It wasn't until he reached high school that he found someone he trusted.

"Ms. Rose, my ICare specialist in high school," said Trask. She was easy to talk to. "Since the day I met her and I told her the story of everything that happened in my life. That was at  Glen Oaks High School."

Trask found that after he talked to Ms. Rose, the feelings he had bottled up associated with the rape, had never been dealt with. Now, he wants to let go of those feelings.

"I always wanted to tell my story, and I always felt I had to open up to certain people, but I didn't feel like people were listening to me and I felt I had to find a way to get my story out," said Trask.

He found a self-publishing website called He found a way to express the anger, the deep wound. He decided it would be easier to fictionalize his story; use different names and places, but keep the experience as he remembers it.

"I actually did research first. I always wanted to do a book two years ago, but started writing in August of last year. It all flowed through my mind. I had in mind what I wanted to write and then once I started writing, I couldn't stop," exclaimed Trask.

The Invitation Light: Find Your Strengths At All Cost ends with Trask's graduation from high school. "I'm currently writing part two. I'll write about my life experience in a fictitious university," said Trask.

Trask says when his manuscript was finished, the first person he wanted to read it was his mother. "My mom, when she was in school, she made all A's.  She wanted to be an architect and an English major in college and she ended up never going. When she read the story, she gave me a hug and said, 'I'm so sorry you went through this!' And it was an honest moment. There were a lot of tears. We hugged each other and there was a loving moment," said Trask.

Trask then gave the book to his aunt. "She loved it, my auntie. She said she had no words. Her mouth just d ropped at the end of the book. She couldn't believe that I had went through that in my life and she said for me to tell that story is powerful," Trask said.

As he's doing the interview with 9News, he's working in the Mall of Louisiana handling the animal character scooters for children. "I love kids," he said, "I do! I do!"

Trask will have a degree in business when he graduates from Southern, but because this book could be successful, and he hopes people understand the message of strength and survival, he's not ruling out the possibility of becoming a writer.

To purchase the book on Amazon, click here.

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