Man arrested for multiple vehicle burglaries in Webb Park; claims he did it to support drug habit

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge man has been arrested after allegedly burglarizing multiple unlocked cars in the Webb Park neighborhood, says the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Officials with BRPD say they have been investigating numerous vehicle burglaries that occurred overnight in the Webb Park neighborhood in the Mid-City area between College Dr. and S Acadian Thwy. In all of the burglaries, officials say the vehicles were unlocked. In some cases, witnesses stated seeing a white male riding a bicycle.

During the overnight hours on Sunday, May 14, officers arrested David Laramie, 32, for allegedly trespassing in the area where the burglaries had been occurring. According to the probable cause report, Laramie was then taken to the burglary office and advised of his rights. Laramie then reportedly told officers he had been accusing crack cocaine and was burglarizing vehicles to support his addiction.

Laramie further reportedly stated he would sell the property he stole from the vehicles to his drug dealers and that he burglarized the unlocked vehicles in Webb Park. He also claimed he did not remember all of the burglaries he committed.

Laramie is charged with nine counts of simple burglary.

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