Woman gives birth on Mother's Day

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Jennifer Nettles got the best gift of all Sunday morning, and her name is Charlotte.

The baby girl was born at around seven this morning, the first Mother's Day Baby at Woman's Hospital.

Funny enough, Nettles was hoping for a holiday baby, just not this particular holiday.

"We were kind of hoping for a Cinco De Mayo baby," Nettles said. "We were trying to get all the holidays in there, but Cinco De Mayo came and left, and Mother's Day it was."

And Nettles has been lucky before; her first child, Lyla, was born on Christmas Day in 2015.

As the due date approached, Nettles and her family realized a Mother's Day baby was a possibility.

Charlotte came out in the nick of time.

"She was a few days early, so she surprised us a little bit, but we were secretly hoping she would come on Mother's Day just so we'd have two holidays," Nettles said. "So she was a very pleasant delivery and she's been a blessing."

Nettles says she's ready to raise a family. She's already got plenty of experience, working as a preschool teacher in Central.

Her brother also fathered twins in March, so they'll both get to learn the wonders of parenting together.

"I think our first big vacation is gonna be in about five years to Disney World," Nettles said. "We're definitely gonna start planning that. But really just enjoying every moment of it."

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