White Castle residents witness wild weather

White Castle residents witness wild weather

WHITE CASTLE, LA (WAFB) - Some residents in White Castle got a good scare when high winds blew through the town.

Authorities report Lee St. took the brunt of it. Kaylar Anderson and Lance Williams say they will never forget what they saw from their windows. "I never seen nothing like it before. I was just scared, scared," said Anderson.

"You know how the rain comes straight down? Man, that stuff was going horizontal. I was like, 'Girl, you all get in the closet and duck!' It must have lasted 20 seconds. I came outside and this was the aftermath," said Anderson.

The roof on their neighbor's house was no match for the high winds. It sent a trampoline soaring into the trees and flattened a fence nearby. Jai'breon Brown was inside this house when the unexpected happened.

"We were getting our stuff. I was going in the closet and the ceiling just started falling on me and I ran out and was like, 'Oh Lord.' My grandma called screaming and hollering and I'm like, 'Maw maw, we already know,'" said Brown.

Her grandmother's house took a bit of a beating, but she says everyone made it out safely. No one lost power, but it's clear a few folks on Lee St. certainly have their work cut out for them.

"[It's] scary, but I thank God nobody got hurt," said Williams

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