Has Her Killer Struck Before?

It's almost 11 months to the day that the body of a woman was found in the BREC park on North Street. Her murder has yet to be solved, but perhaps even more concerning is that her murder shares similarities with some others. Her family is concerned not only that her killer is still out there, but that he's killed before.

Robyn Hamilton is the youngest sister of 37-year-old Deanne Wesley, the woman found murdered in the park back on July 30th of last year. She says, "I have no doubt in my mind that it's connected to all the others in the area."

Robyn believes her sister's death can be traced back to the same person responsible for other murders in the same general area, who like Deanne, also lived a high risk lifestyle.

"It's dangerous out there. It's obvious this person is preying on these women and it's not safe."

While the family feels strongly there is a connection, there is, unfortunately, a lack of evidence to support that. According to Detective Christopher Johnson, "Geographically, behaviorally, these cases may have similarities, but at this point, scientifically, these cases don't link together."

Deanne's mother, Dianne Hamilton, says she heard about the murder on the news. "She had been gone a couple of days, I hadn't heard from her and we were worried. Then I heard on the news that morning that some black lady, 37 years old, had been murdered and found in the park."

The tree that Deanne was found under has since been removed, as have many of the trees in that BREC park. Lights have also been added, all in an effort to make the park that much safer. Deanne's family actually has a few pieces of bark from the tree that Deanne was found under, just something tangible to hold onto, because you can't touch memories.

She left behind three kids, the youngest of which is 14 now. The family struggles with their new reality, and hopes that some other family will never have to know what they are going through, all the while believing other families already do.

"I've always thought that," says Hamilton, "I know that there is a third serial killer out there somewhere. He thinks he's smart, but he's not."

Prove her right, call in and help. All it could take is one piece of information to start all the dominos falling. If you think you can help, call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP. You can remain anonymous, and you could be eligible for a reward of up to 1,000 dollars.

Reporter: Matt Williams