OUR TURN: Council on Aging Tax

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A month ago, there was this big free-for-all at the Baton Rouge Metro Council meeting.

Four members walked out of the meeting, effectively ending it, after they didn't get their way on an issue related to the Council on Aging and the $80 million tax approved by voters last November. Other council members wanted to postpone the decision to levy the tax pending the outcome of an audit investigating election irregularities.

The audit's out now and sure enough, there are many potential violations of state and federal election laws. Let's hope that the Democrats who walked out are now having second thoughts about their actions. By the way, that $80 million tax passed by only 2,135 votes, so the potentially illegal activities could have influenced the outcome of this election.

We all want the best outcomes for our senior citizens. This audit and other recent issues raise the question of whether the current COA management team is up to that task.

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