Queen of Girl Scout cookie marketing is 12 year old Maddie

Queen of Girl Scout cookie marketing is 12 year old Maddie

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Did you buy a box or two of Thin Mints or any other now-famous Girl Scout cookie? The sales season has wrapped with a new queen of all half-pint sales ladies.

12-year-old Girl Scout Cadette Madelyn Foster of Denham Springs surpassed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other girls selling cookies to sell 1,751 boxes!

"I work very hard and sell them. I sing and dance," 12-year-old Maddie said. "We also gave them cookbook recipes. We changed them every year. We made a different dessert each year for each cookie."

Maddie says this is so customers could use the cookies they bought in a creative way.

But wait, there's more advice on how to sell so many cookies: "We also have thank you cards and thank you bags for the cookies. I encouraged them to give them as gift," Maddie said. "Also the cards that we gave had my mom's phone number on it so they could order more cookies."

Madelyn's mom, Toni Foster, is assistant leader of Maddie's troop.

"Our troop is small," Toni Foster said, "We only have three girls because we lost everyone to the flood."

Foster said that meant the three girls had to work extra hard to raise money this year. The cookie sales were key.

Madelyn started selling when she started Girl Scouting. Her first year she sold 256 boxes. Then in following years, she would double her previous year's total and make that her new goal and reach that too. That's how this year, she knew she wanted to bust 1,500. Ending up at 1,751 boxes!

Her mother says Madelyn works very hard for three weeks.

"She goes to school and sells at school, sells to friends and family, and she sells booth after booth after booth," Foster said.

Girl Scout Louisiana East helps girls market their wares by offering advice on social media and other marketing techniques. Madelyn Foster did a lot of simply manning a booth.

"We wake up at 8 a.m, eat breakfast, then head to the booth, and we stay for four or five hours. And we do that for three weeks," Foster said.

She says they would post pictures of the store where they would be the next day on Instagram, and show pictures of the kinds of cookies and number of cookie boxes they would have. Madelyn's mother would take care of posting the info on Facebook, too. Madelyn says sometimes she and her friends wear costumes to catch people's attention at the booth.

All Girl Scouts who sell cookies learn entrepreneurial skills. In fact, this was a banner year for the district.

"The local Girl Scouts have proven yet again that they are striving to be the ultimate G.I.R.L (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader) having completed yet another successful product sale during this year's Cookie Program," Alisha Moore, Customer Experience Officer, for Girl Scouts Louisiana East said. "Girl Scouts sold over 1 million boxes of cookies in the Girl Scouts Louisiana East council's 23-parish jurisdiction, with the girls averaging 172 boxes each. The girls went after their goals, tried new selling tactics, took risks by broadening their customer base, and lead their troop and council to victory with a 4.5% increase over 2016."

Madelyn's troop has their eyes on a major goal: to go to Switzerland!

"We're raising money for my whole troop to go to Switzerland. It's the Girl Scout destination called 'Our Chalet.' The whole trip is a total of 9 days," Foster said.

While there, the girls will see how chocolate is made, watch wood-working and many other Swiss wonders. It will be the trip of a lifetime, funded in a large part by the enthusiasm of girls like Madelyn Foster and cookie munchers like the people of south Louisiana.

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