THE INVESTIGATORS: Officials say woman with cameras pointed at neighbor's yard is not breaking laws

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - What would you think if your neighbor had an army of surveillance cameras pointed at your house to watch your every move outside? The 9News Investigators found a woman who says that's exactly what's happening to her, and as WAFB found out, it's all perfectly legal.

Marie Green's yard is supposed to be her "happy place," the one spot she expects to find peace and privacy. But the moment she steps outside, that privacy goes out the window.

"I have five cameras on my family. Literally walk outside and you're on camera," said Green.

The cameras are in the trees, over the fence, and in the windows of her nextdoor neighbor's yard and they are all pointing right at Green's property.

"It pisses me off. It really does," said Green.

Green also says she and her two children have been living under her neighbor, Charmaine Shuttleworth's surveillance for more than two years. Green claims it started when her own home security cameras caught Shuttleworth throwing a rock through one of her windows. Those claims are outlined in a police report she filed.

According to records from the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, Shuttleworth was arrested and charged with trespassing and criminal damage to property. Records show the district attorney's office chose not to pursue those charges. Deputies have been called to the same address at least four times since then. Green says Shuttleworth has stayed off her property, but has now resorted to using cameras to, in her opinion, intimidate her.

"Why are you videoing us? Why are you watching us? What have we done to you," Green asked.

There are at least five cameras facing Green's property now. As for the cameras, the sheriff's office says as long as they are on Shuttleworth's property, they are not breaking the law.

"It's frustrating. No one can do anything. Where's my privacy? Where's my family's ability to be able to live in peace," asked Green.

The neighbor, Shuttleworth, did not wish to appear on camera, but told WAFB's Cheryl Mercedes over the phone that the cameras are not going anywhere and she plans to put up five more for her own protection. Her neighbor, Green, has hired an attorney.

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