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Doctors say Jarrius 'J.J.' Robertson, doing fine, day after surgery for liver transplant

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Doctors spent much of Sunday morning performing the tedious liver transplant on Jarrius "J.J." Robertson. His dad, Jordy Robertson, told FOX 8 Sunday morning that doctors wheeled the Saints fan favorite to surgery at about 5 a.m., but the procedure was to actually set to begin around 6 a.m.

On Monday, Jarrius' mother, Patricia Hoyal, says that doctors have informed Jarrius' family that he is doing fine and that the donated liver was a perfect fit for J.J. He is still sedated but responding by moving his legs and blinking. He is also still on a ventilator. 

Patricia, Jordy, his siblings, and more than 20 others were up cheering J.J. on and kissing him as he went in, Sunday, for the lifesaving procedure. Jordy says four surgeons worked on this very delicate case. He says Jarrius was in good spirits.

Jarrius was born with a liver condition called Biliary Atresia. The bile ducts that lead from his liver to his small intestines were not present, leaving no where for the toxins to go. A liver transplant when he was one year old did not go as well as doctors had hoped, leaving Jarrius with illnesses all his life.

Now, a second chance for the kid who protected the Saints' end zone. He took the prayers and well wishes of the whole community and the nation with him to surgery. His father posted a photo on Facebook earlier Sunday morning.

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