Planning Commission attacks traffic problems with public's help

Executive Director Jamie Setze (Source: WAFB)
Executive Director Jamie Setze (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Capital Region Planning Commission is asking the public which ideas they like best for attacking Baton Rouge's traffic problem.

Executive Director Jamie Setze spoke at the Baton Rouge Press Club on Monday and says the Move 2042 plan is long-range, and that we need only to follow Shreveport's lead.

"We know there's a big difference between Shreveport and Baton Rouge," Setze said. "From 1965 until today, Shreveport has never put a bond issue for infrastructure up that didn't pass, and in Baton Rouge, we've never put one up that did.  So when you look at congestion maps of the state, there's no congestion in Shreveport."

Setze also says that Shreveport does not wait for the state to repair a state road. Instead, they solve the problem on the parish level with the money they have.

The planning commission collected the public's ideas in March and will let people pick which ones they like in July. Those ideas will be presented to state government.

For more information on Move 2042, click here.

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