Two men arrested for armed robbery; one caught after leaving behind ID

Two men arrested for armed robbery; one caught after leaving behind ID

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - Two Baton Rouge men have been arrested for armed robbery after allegedly robbing two victims at gunpoint at a gas station on Plank Rd. in Baker.

On Saturday, April 22 around 8:15 p.m., two victims flagged down an officer who was driving by. One of the victims said while they were getting gas, an unknown black male, later identified as Brandon Dunbar, 19, approached them with a silver handgun. The victims said Dunbar tapped one of them on the chest with the barrel of the gun to get his attention and then pointed the gun at the second victim's face.

The victims said Dunbar told them "he had seen all their money, so give it up." One of the victims said he gave Dunbar all the money he had, which was $10 in ones. The victims said Dunbar then got in a small, silver 4-door car, identified as a 1999 Mazda Protégé. They said they also saw another black male, later identified as Andrew Washington, 47, sitting in the passenger seat of the car. The victims said Dunbar and Washington fled the area in an unknown direction on Plank Rd.

The following day around 8 a.m., detectives were able to gain access to the security footage from the gas station and observed the incident described by the victims. Detectives also discovered Dunbar was buying cigarettes when he saw the victims with cash. Dunbar had to provide his ID while buying the cigarettes and left his ID on the counter before he returned to his vehicle. Detectives discovered that when Dunbar returned to the car, Washington provided him with the handgun, which Dunbar then used to commit the armed robbery while Washington remained in the car.

Detectives headed to the address on Dunbar's ID and arrested him. After being read his rights, Dunbar reportedly admitted to the crime and provided detectives with Washington's identity. Detectives then attempted to locate Washington at his home. Officials were able to speak to family members, who called Washington and told him to come home. Washington returned to the house and was then placed under arrest.

Dunbar and Washington were both transported to the Baker Police Department. In an interview with detectives, Dunbar reportedly admitted to committing the robbery and further said his girlfriend was driving the car because it belongs to her and that Washington was with them in the car. Dunbar claimed Washington gave him the gun to commit the robbery. Dunbar then said after the robbery, he gave the gun back to Washington as they fled the scene. Dunbar said he's in "hard times" and was broke, so that's why he committed the robbery. Dunbar said he does not know where the gun is currently.

Detectives noted Dunbar's criminal history includes but is not limited to illegal carrying of weapons, possession of stolen firearms, and narcotics charges.

In an interview, Washington denied any knowledge of the robbery or the gun.

Dunbar and Washington were both booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and charged with armed robbery.

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