Man allegedly assaults, threatens family during domestic dispute; Sets small fire

Man allegedly assaults, threatens family during domestic dispute; Sets small fire

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge man has been arrested after allegedly assaulting his mother and threatening his sister, while later setting his clothes on fire in her home.

On April 3, deputies with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office responded to a domestic dispute where the victim told police her son, Torin Johnson, 45, of Baton Rouge, had slapped her across her face causing injury to her lip because he was upset she would not let him drive her car.

According to the statement given to deputies by the victim, she also overheard Johnson talking to her daughter, and his sister, while holding a knife, saying, "I should kill you with it, but I'm not."

She told deputies she tried to leave the house but Johnson would block her with is body and also threw furniture towards the door to block her in. She says he hit her and pushed her down onto a sofa.

According to the victim's statement to deputies, Johnson later took her car keys and tried to leave in it but was blocked in by his sister who had arrived on the scene.

As EBRSO arrive, the victim says Johnson grabbed two knives, locked the doors, and said, "They gonna have to come in the house to get me."

The victim was able to instruct deputies to where the key was located and gave permission for authorities to enter, while another deputy responding to the incident tried to contact Johnson by phone, but he would not answer.

The deputy later noticed flames and smoke coming from the living room of the home. Responding deputies then got into to the house using the key and discovered Johnson had apparently set his clothes on fire. According to deputies, his clothes were completely engulfed in flames and filled the inside of the house with smoke.

According to deputies, Johnson then ran into the kitchen and was holding a hammer and a pot. After several loud verbal commands to put down the items by deputies, Johnson was then shot with a non-lethal shotgun round which struck him on his thigh, but had no effect. He was then tased, which was effective, and he was arrested.

Baton Rouge Fire Department was called to the scene to respond to the fire in the living room.

Upon arrest, deputies noticed six self-inflicted stab wounds on Johnson's stomach. There was also a large amount of blood throughout the house. After being assessed by Emergency Medical Services, Johnson was transported to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital for treatment.

During an interview with deputies, Johnson only made statements pertaining to setting his shirt on fire and stabbing himself due to him not wanting to live anymore.

OLOL medical personnel told deputies Johnson required further medical care due to his injuries and was being admitted into the hospital.

Upon release from the hospital, Johnson was taken into custody and booked on charges of domestic abuse battery, domestic abuse aggravated assault, false imprisonment, simple arson, and resisting an officer. His bond is set at $40,000.

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