Contractor tossing debris into already clogged ditches in Central

Contractor tossing debris into already clogged ditches in Central
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - In a city already struggling to clean up, one Central homeowner claims a contractor has made the problem worse by throwing debris in a ditch.

The pile of debris is along the side of Ribbonwood Ave. in a ditch in the Willowwood Acres subdivision.

"The culvert is clogged and the water backs up and it has nowhere to go," said Michael King.

King lives just two homes down from where the pile of debris is and says a few weeks ago, when there was a heavy downpour, the entire street flooded, something he says never used to happen.

Storm debris pickup for the City of Central has ended. Now, anyone tossing out any waste, be it the homeowner or contractor, is responsible for removing the debris on their own. King says he's had enough and wants someone to do something about the pile.

"If you can see that right there, I wrote that the other day [on a piece of debris]: 'Please keep the ditch cleared, concerned citizen,'" said King.

Central's program director, David Ratcliff, went to the address and started tracking down the contractor who bought the once flooded home. "He's going to be given notice that this has got to be removed. If it's not removed in an appropriate manner immediately, we will take the necessary legal action we have to take," said Ratcliff.

Central's ditches are already clogged and in desperate need of cleanup and piles of debris only add to the problem. It's why Ratcliff called the contractor, who did not answer, leaving him a message to return his call as soon as possible.


The ditch in question backs into a canal in the back of Willowwood Acres. That canal is what Central crews happened to be cleaning out Friday. A little further down from the canal, there's another canal that crews were cleaning up, pulling out things like a picnic table, children's toys, a trash can, and much more.

"I'm feeling great now. These people have finally come out and addressed the issues and we can see that progress is being made," said King.

As for any other piles in the city, Ratcliff says hold your contractor accountable and make them remove the debris. If the contractor does not comply, "Contact us and we will assist you," said Ratcliff.

Central continues the bidding process to get a company to clean out ditches, culverts, and canals all across the city.

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