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Thousands line up on Good Friday to buy crawfish

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A big part of Good Friday and the Easter weekend in south Louisiana is, of course, crawfish.

Good Friday is typically the biggest crawfish sales day of the year in Louisiana, as many Catholics who abstain from eating meat on the day that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus, line up to get their crawfish.

Owners of the family business, Tony’s Seafood in Baton Rouge, say it’s the “Louisiana culture” that keeps the community coming back for more. “I mean, we've been raised with it,” said owner, Bill Pizzolato.

Since 8 a.m. Friday morning, it was a continuous cycle of customers rolling into Tony’s empty-handed and coming out with pounds of the delicacies. “We'll go through probably 2,500 to 3,000 sacks between tomorrow and Sunday," said Pizzolato.

Pat McDaniel, a Baton Rouge resident, has been a regular when it comes to eating crawfish. “Once you eat 'em, you'll never go back,” said McDaniel.

But it's the ending of Lent and the beginning of summer family gatherings that brought McDaniel in. “A big tradition around here is for Easter, Good Friday, you get crawfish. Everyone gets together and it's just a tradition around here,” she said.

It's that same tradition that brings in the Millers, a Mississippi family. The devout Mississippi Catholics have been making the hour-long trek, from Liberty Mississippi, every meatless Friday during Lent for the past ten years. “We do our seafood and this is the only place to come and get it,” said Phyllis Miller.

The long time southern devotion to crawfish Fridays will be passed on for generations, as long as the crawfish keep rolling in. “Born and raised here, grew up eating 'em, and can't imagine not having them,” said McDaniel.

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